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Basic description of "treetea"

Dear visitor of our website,
treetea is your partner for everything related to tea, coffee, spices, herbs and similar delights (aromatic plants). The word tree roots in the ages old indoeuropean word deru (tree, oak). True, truth, trust, druid (deru-yd: tree-sage, oak-knower) and the german words Treue, Trost, trauen originate in deru aswell. All these terms which are etymologically related to tree are fundamentals of our philosophy. The name treetea for our initiative also points out that many ingredients for our herbal and spicy tea creations come from trees and that roots, barks, fruits and seeds give particular intensity and substance to our specialities.We are located in Vorarlberg (Austria), which is the name of the region in between the western (Swiss) and eastern (Austrian) alps, the lake of constance to the north (Germany) and the high passes to the south (Italy). This is a beautiful country in the heart of Europe with a lot of clean and fresh water and air, a lot of different landscapes and niches of flora and fauna. So it is also a good place to grow and collect herbs and many kinds of aromatic and medicinal plants. Also there exists an old but still vivid tradition of herbalism in this region which is acknowledged globally. We are deeply rooted in our local nature and culture but we live in the age of globalization and so we are creating global tea- and spice-blendsby using the best (most delicious and efficient) herbs and spices from all over the world usually based on our local plants and traditions.
better herbs for a better world and natrlich, menschlich, himmlisch
A lot of the ingredients for our herbal teas and other products are carefully cultivated and/or collected here, naturally without use of any kind of chemicals and/or machines. Thats why we call our products natural (german: natrlich). All of this is done by hand and with a lot of love. What is traded (the tropical plants) is preferably from our own fair-trade project with groups of Indonesian farmers and from other fair-trade and biodynamic or biological projects. Also we work together with different social institutions like kindergardens and schools and we employ and school people who have no chance on the commercial market. We set up herbal gardens at old peoples homes and we plant, harvest and process herbs together with them. Those are some reasons why we call our work human and social (german: menschlich). Last but not least we try to be in concordance with the cosmic cycles of day and night, the seasons, the lunar, planetary and stellar rhythms and we try to create products which are not only healthy and effective but also taste wonderful. Thats why we call our products heavenly (German: himmlisch). Out of this context our motto better herbs for a better world explains itself. more informations